Sale and purchase of translation rights in Europe in 2022: Aldus up survey
Translation rights are an essential aspect of the life of a publishing house and one of the main indicators of the internationalisation of the entire publishing industry in a country. In spite of this, there is a lack of shared data at European level. Within the framework of Aldus Up - the European network of book fairs coordinated by AIE and co-financed by Creative Europe – a pilot research was conducted in 8 European countries to fill this gap. The data show the strong discrepancy between the largest countries and the remaining ones in terms of sales of translation rights, as well as the strong dependence of European publishers on English titles: overall, the countries involved in the research export only 10% of their titles to the UK and North America, while importing 50% of the total. The narrative genres (fiction, children's books, comics) are those that are sold the most by all the countries analysed. The data were presented on 20th October 2023, at the Frankfurter Buchmesse, at an event organised in the framework of Aldus Up.