The Italian Publishers Association
AIE (Associazione Italiana Editori) is the trade association, of Italian publishers – and foreign ones operating in Italy – of books, journals, and digital publishing products and contents.
AIE is a member of FEP (Federation of European Publishers), IPA (International Publishers Association ) and Confindustria.

AIE represents, on a national and international level (where it is represented on various boards), companies producing editorial content regardless of creation and distribution format (hard copy, digital). The association also constitutes an attentive and updated observatory of the reading habits, as well as of cultural and educational consumption necessary for the growth of Italy.
AIE aims at representing and safeguarding publishers, promoting professional growth, removing obstacles to the development of a modern publishing market, and fighting against illegal phenomena and lack of respect for copyrights. It also supports all concrete initiatives that contribute to the spread of the reading habit and books, to the expansion of the domestic market, and to the internationalization process of Italian businesses and culture worldwide
The structure

Publishers belonging to AIE represent 90% of the Italian book market.
3 billion euros (net of advertising revenue), almost 60 thousand book titles produced annually (of which 57% are new works), 4,600 publishing houses (of which 966 published at least 10 titles in 2014): these are the main figures of the Italian book market.

There are two head offices: the headquarters in Milan and a branch office in Rome. Its president is Ricardo Franco Levi, while its director is Fabio Del Giudice. Ricardo Franco Levi is FEP vicepresident, too.

AIE is divided into four publishing groups: Trade publishing, Small publishers, Educational, Academic and professional.

AIE carries out many activities to safeguard the publishing profession and its development. More specifically:

AIE represents and safeguards the interests of Italian publishers in various settings: copyright, publishing rights, promotion of reading, piracy, fiscal regulations, etc.
AIE offers its members an anti-piracy service which controls and fights against the illegal use of editorial contents protected by copyright, both in traditional hard copy and electronic formats.
AIE is committed in pre-competitive research and innovation in the field of publishing technologies, encompassing various areas such as publishing standards, metadata, digital formats, right information, web resolution, persistent identifiers, etc. Many innovative services stemmed from these R&D activities, such as the DOI registration agency (launched in 2002), the new ISBN platform (2005), the ARROW system (2013), the LIA service (2013), etc.
Some areas of interest require special focus, when highly relevant in particular moments, or because they require continuous analysis and action. AIE participates and often coordinates European projects in such areas, aimed at providing information, education, guidance or services to publishers. The last experience is TISP (Technologies and Innovation for Smart Publishing) to improve the dialogue between publishers and IT companies and promote further innovation in the sector.
AIE organises collective stands and/or professional conferences in the most important national (Turin, Bologna) and international (Frankfurt, London, Beijing, and New York) fairs. AIE also manages the participation of Italian publishers at trade fairs where Italy is the guest Country (Paris, Guadalajara, Montreuil, Moscow, Book Expo America, etc.). Since 2002, AIE has also directly managed and organised the small and mid-sized publishing fair Più libri più liberi in Rome.
The department publishes the outcomes of its researches in the ebook series "Quaderni del Giornale della Libreria" and on its websites ( and The Giornale della Libreria, the association monthly house-organ since 1888, publishes in-depth analyses on the most relevant issues related to the national and international publishing sector. AIE publishes also the annual Report on the State of Publishing in Italy and the Map of Italian Publishing Market.
AIE organises courses for professional in book publishing and in the content sector, as well as for people aiming to become publishers. In addition to «library» courses (the activity is ISO 9001-2008 certified), and to in-house courses organised on demand of publishing companies, AIE provides «entry level» courses on publishing in collaboration with Italian leading universities ( The international Editech seminars have become a key appointment for professionals interested in trends and evolution of the digital publishing business (
AIE developed the LIA system, a platform to foster the availability of accessible ebooks in the customary production and distribution channels. The LIA catalogue offers 10,000+ ebooks fully accessible to visually impaired people.
AIE assists members by providing widespread fiscal and legal advice. Each year AIE posts in its members-only website 300+ information and advisory notices on a variate of topics of interest.
Latest news
Publishing confirms its position as Italy’s top cultural industry with a turnover of more than three billion euros and is third in Europe behind Germany and the UK.
+ 44% in copies and +42% in value. Sales are also higher than in 2019.
Levi (AIE): "BolognaFiere is an important partner, helping us to achieve our institutional goals and grow the children’s publishing sector”.
Italy has become a European model of support to the publishing sector
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Report on Publishing in Italy
Presented every year at the Frankfurt Book Fair the Report on the State of Publishing in Italy by the Research department of AIE, the Italian Publishers Association, represents the latest data, figures and trends on the Italian publishing market.
The full e-book is available - in Italian only - on the major online stores.

Documents and data
Report on publishing in Italy: Highlights
Not only for the third consecutive year has Italian publishing remained positive, but between 2016 and 2017 growth was much more robust and solid. The trade channels (including e-books and including an estimate of Amazon’s physical e-commerce for the second consecutive year) grew by +8.1%. And the total value of the sector as a whole rises to 3,103.6 billion euros (+4.5% from 2016).
Report on publishing in Italy 2018 - Summary
Consolidated 2017 and a look at the first half of 2018. By AIE Research Department
Report on publishing in Italy 2017, a summary
A section of numbers regarding the publishing in Italy in 2016 and the first months of 2017 - by the AIE Research Department
Report on publishing in Italy 2016, a summary
The Italian book market makes an official return to growth after four years of crisis. A section of numbers regarding the publishing in Italy in 2015 and the first months of 2016.
Italian books aboad (and foreign books in Italy) 2016
Addresses and reference details of both Italian and foreign operators working with the import/export of books and publishing rights