Ricardo Franco Levi confirmed as president of the Italian Publishers Association (AIE): decided today at the publishers meeting in Milan

Ricardo Franco Levi has been confirmed as president of the Associazione Italiana Editori (AIE), the trade association of publishers producing books, scientific journals and digital publishing products, which celebrates its 150th anniversary this year. He was elected today, June 11, by the assembly of publishers, meeting in Milan. 

A journalist with parliamentary and governmental experience in Italian and European institutions, he will lead AIE over the next two years: "Reading, or, to be more precise, the lack of reading, is a national emergency," stated the president at the publishers assembly (the full speech is attached). "We are not talking about us. We are not speaking for ourselves. We are talking about Italy and for Italy. There is no future, we have no future, if we do not put education, knowledge and know-how at the centre of the national political agenda. And if not now, when?"

"We will remain constantly vigilant and determined until we achieve the introduction of a credible and substantial policy for books and reading. We will also be vigilant with regard to copyright protection: in Europe we have won the first battle but another, no less demanding, awaits us in Italy over the implementation of the directive, the incorporation into Italian law of what has been approved by Europe".

The assembly also elected the presidents of the groups around which the Association is structured (and who also hold the positions of AIE vice-presidents) : Marco Tarò (Mauri Spagnol Publishing Group) president of the Miscellaneous publishing group, Andrea Angiolini (Il Mulino) president of the Professional Academic group, Giovanni Bonfanti (Rizzoli Education) president of the Educational group and Diego Guida (Guida Editori) president of the Small Publishers group.

Responsibilities of the AIE include the protection of publishers and encouragement of their professional growth, as well as the promotion of initiatives that contribute to the dissemination of books, reading, copyright and Italian culture both in Italy and throughout the world.